The farmer member-controlled grassroots policy development is a point of pride for our organization. Our policies are developed through a program featuring individual member participation, including study, debate, and development of policy recommendations at the local, state and national level. This bottom-up grassroots process results in positions that have been well vetted, are clear, reasonable, and responsible.

Duties and Responsibilities

Surface potential issues, debate and study them, and draft a slate of local, state and national policy recommendations to present to members at your county annual meeting.

Time Commitment

  • Attend necessary committee meetings and meetings or activities with resource people.
  • Attend training and probable issues meetings.
  • Preparation of resolutions for annual meeting.
  • Attendance and presentation of resolutions at county annual meeting.
Tami ShawChair
Emily CalderoneMember
Caitlin CarpenterMember
William ChamberlainMember
Dennis GreenmanMember
Jeanine IglMember
Laurie KoellingMember
Diedra MatthewsMember
Jeffrey OesterleMember
Donald VickersMember
Gary WilcoxMember